Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simple Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss doesn't have to be difficult and complicated. Did you know that there are actually some foods to eat to lose weight? There are foods that if you eat will help you to burn calories and drop pounds, without any magic diet pills or magic weight loss exercises.

Diet is essentially in any weight loss plan so here are some great “diet” tips to help lose that weight and still feel great.

Fruit of course is a great addition to any meal. It makes a great low calorie tummy filler. Things like grapes can help to fill you up, provide you with plenty of fluid and give you few calories. Even watermelon is a great addition because even though it can be pretty filling it is mostly water and this helps to flush your body of toxins well filling you up so you don't continue to snack down. Bananas are another great choice, a single banana can fill you up when the mood to snack strikes but will give you very few calories in return.

Negative-calorie foods are another great food. They still fill you up but they require more calories to actually eat and digest them then you get from the food. A good example of this is plain air popped popcorn.

A great treat that requires a lot of work on the part of your body to digest. So you can now snack and lose weight doing it. Pretty much any form of corn fits this category if you skip all the butter and other additives that can actually make it a very unhealthy treat.

High fibre foods are a needed part of your diet. High fibre foods are great at filling us up and making our systems run more regularly but they are also very low in calories and can therefore help reduce our daily calorie intake. After all, weight loss is dependant on losing more calories in a day then you take in, without crash diets and starvation diets.

There are foods to eat to lose weight and they can be very satisfying foods indeed. A diet doesn't have to be a scary thing. A diet can simply be a change in eating habits to a more healthy weight loss directed form.
With proper diet and exercise any amount of weight loss goal you have is very achievable and if you make the diet one you can stick with and one that is not overly restrictive and unreasonable you will be that much more likely to stick with it and lose the weight fast.

Teenage Weight Loss

Being a teenager can be a very difficult time. Pressures mount from peers to look a certain way, so it is no surprise that many teens come online looking for a teenage diet plan.

They seek a way to lose weight to feel better about themselves and to fit in more with their classmates. So if you are looking for a diet for teenagers you have come to the right place.

Diets for teens are just like diets for any other age group. One thing to keep in mind though is that your body is still growing and changing and requires the nutrients and vitamins to do so.

A proper diet is important. So is exercise, both are key to losing weight in a healthy manner. If you don't lose it in a healthy manner, it won't stay off and worse yet you could gain it back and more.

A healthy diet should include all food groups. Forget those fad diets that tell you to eat just one thing or not to eat something else. Just eat everything in moderation and in balance and you will notice a difference.

One thing you can do as well is start to use smaller plates. Bigger plates make us feel like we need to add more food when in fact we don't actually need to eat that much. Stick with smaller plates and you will get a more proportioned diet to the amount of food you actually need to be eating.

You can also aim to eat some negative calorie foods for your snacks. Simply put food that require more effort to eat and digest. Foods that require more calories to eat than you receive from that food. A perfect example of this is plain unsalted popped popcorn.

Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to detoxify your body. Your cells use water to clear the toxins and build up of negative things. Drinking ice cold water can also help you burn some extra calories as our body will have to use calories to warm the water in your system.

A well balanced routine of exercise is essential as well. You need to be active enough to be burning more calories in a day than the calories you take in. You have to have a balance to burn more calories than you eat otherwise you will be gaining weight instead.

The teenage diet plan differs little from that of an adult. You simply need to remember to not go overboard as you are still growing and require nutrients and vitamins to do so. You should also consider consulting the doctor as you could very well be the perfect weight for your body type.

To learn more about teenage weight loss, click here.

Fad Diets Don't Work

Some fad diets emphasizes on the specific food to eat, like the lemonade diet or the 3 day tuna diet. Others place emphasis on the foods not to eat and some even suggest not eating at all.

Fad diets are just that fad diets but do you know why they are harmful?

Weight loss is not actually all that hard to do but a lot of fad diets place emphasis on things to avoid, foods to eat or not eat. As a result, poor and unhealthy habits are promoted. Our bodies need a well balanced diet to effectively work and this includes working to lose weight.

A diet only needs to take into consideration two things, the calories you take in daily and the calories you use daily. The calories you use each day must be higher than the calories you take in each day so that your body begins to use the energy from the fat stores to continue to function.

That is another problem of fad diets. They try to completely lose the weight quickly without requiring exercise. No matter what diet you will require exercise to make it work. Unless you are active in some form or another, your body will not be burning those needed calories. No one can expect to burn more calories than we take in unless you stop eating.

A proper diet that includes all essential nutrients and vitamins will help you to lose weight fast. Exercise in any form is important. Anything that gets you active and your body moving will help you to burn any excess calories you take in during the day. The key is to burn more than you take in so as long as you are eating healthy and being active weight loss will occur.

Another important factor is to drink lots of water. Water helps our bodies cleanse themselves of toxins and all the stuff we don't want in them. As we burn fat, our body release toxins. Water helps to flush these toxins from us. Food and activity are both key to burning weight and losing it permanently.

Most fad diets are harmful to your health for the above reasons. Not only that, you will probably gain back the weight you lost very quickly. Most of these diets don't work simply because they burnt nothing except water. As such, they don't work. Period. Stick to proper diet and healthy levels of exercise and the weight loss will happen without much change to your daily habit. For more ideas on proper weight loss, visit http://www.fatburnworks.com/weightloss/

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Flat Abs Fast

With summer fast approaching and the swim suit season upon us it is not surprising that so many have begun to seek ways to get flat abs fast. After all, they have spent all winter losing shape, hidden behind their clothes and are now seeking ways to lose the stomach fat with stomach flattening exercises.

A common question is whether or not there are 100 abdominal exercises to help you get flat abs fast?

I don't know what it is but people seem to see there being a magical number of exercises and quick ways to lose weight and tummy flab, but there is no secret number, there is no secret exercise. So let's begin looking at some common free exercises to flatten stomaches and other factors that may be affecting your midsection.

Leg lifts
This is an equipment free exercise to flatten stomaches. What you do is lay on your back with your hands up behind your head. Using your ab muscles and only your ab muscles, slowly pull your legs up to about 45-60 degree angle. (This is about half way between the floor and straight up.)

Hold them in place for 5-10 seconds if you can. Then slowly lower your legs without allowing them to touch the floor. Repeat this process 10 times, take a rest and then repeat till you have done about 3-4 reps.

Boost Metabolic Rate
Another key factor to getting those abs fast is to get rid of the fatty layer covering them. To do this you also need to focus on weight loss and boosting your metabolism. This can be achieved by drinking cold water regularly throughout the day or altering your diet to include metabolism boosting foods.

Back Muscles
You should also make sure you focus on your back muscles as well. These muscles help your body maintain better posture and a better posture will help your mid section appear flatter. When we slouch and lean over all day, our posture quickly goes to crap and can give us the appearance of a stomach bulge when in fact we don't have one.

If you speak to your doctor they may be able to give you some tips on improving your posture or try to ensure you visit the chiropractor regularly. When your body is properly aligned you may look a lot thinner right away.

It doesn't take 100 abdominal exercises to get flat abs fast but it does take realizing that there is no quick solution and that it is actually combined factors that determine in the end your flat stomach. With proper diet and exercise you can have yourself ready for swimsuit season in no time. Go to http://www.fatburnworks.com for more weight loss tips.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Do You Want To Lose Weight?

There are many different reasons to lose weight and in the end, the reason why you want to lose weight will be unique to you. There are social, health related and personal reasons.

Some are common amongst the majority of people well others are related solely to you. Your weight and self image is something you decide. Some people are confident and content at the weight they are at. Others struggle through life as a result of weight problems.

So what are some of the reasons people choose to lose weight.

Improve their self esteem
People of all sizes will have self esteem issues but a large part of self esteem is how you view yourself. If you look in the mirror each morning and are upset at what you see, the rest of your day won't go so well. Your self esteem plays a role in everything that you do.

Social acceptance
Our society is very socially based and a large portion of that unfortunately, comes into conflict with appearance. It has become more acceptable to be larger with the recent epidemic of obesity but it is still not highly socially acceptable to be an overweight person. Look at media to see this. How many overweight models are in regular magazines, few and far between. We have as a society moved more towards healthier weight images but the issue still exists.

A healthier you
Your own personal health and well being should take a part of you deciding to lose weight. If your health is at risk everyday because of how much you weigh and the toll it is taking on your body you need to do something about it.

Your overall happiness factor
This is not to say that overweight people are unhappy, it is just a general trend. Due to the related health issues, self esteem issues and the lack of social acceptance, each day may feel very dismal and unhappy.

Deciding to lose weight is a big step
Just deciding that it is time to change the way you look and the way you live can change your whole perspective on life. You can come to realize you don't have to be that way forever and you have control and the ability to lose weight and become the person you envision.

While the reasons will vary from person to person there is no doubt that there are plenty of reasons why you should lose weight and in the end, the decision is yours and the reasons as well.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Do Most Diets Fail?

Have you ever been on a diet? If you have, do they help you achieve what you want?

With so many different diets out there, it is easy to be spoilt for choice. Unfortunately not all of them work and many of them fail to bring about the desired results.

Treating Symptoms
The biggest reason that many diets fail is that diets are really just treating they symptom rather than treating the problem. The problem is that you are not providing your body with what it needs to maintain a good weight and as a result the symptom is weight gain.

Merely Temporary
Because most diets help you to lose weight it is usually only a temporary loss. It doesn’t deal with the actual problem of not having healthy eating habits to maintain a good weight. Often when a person goes on a diet to lose weight they will stick with it for a while but as time goes on they will ‘give in’ just once or twice and before they know it they have gone right back to their previous bad eating habits.

Was It Stressful?
It can be quite stressful sticking to a diet that is not what your body is use to. You are constantly feeling hungry and thinking about food which can be really hard to deal with for a long period of time. The majority of people will usually give in to that hunger and start eating those bad foods again before their body has time to adjust to its new eating routine.

The problem that when your body has been eating bad foods for a long time then when you stop eating those foods your body will crave for them. It is like anything that you stop after a long time you will have some withdrawals.

Break The Habit
To really lose weight and keep it off you do need to break that bad eating habit and completely change your diet and although it will be hard it needs to be approached with a positive outlook and support from your family and friends.

Start Your Exercises
To lose weight and keep it off you need to introduce healthy and nutritious food into your diet and you also need to introduce exercise into your diet. A 20 minute walk each day is enough to get you started and get you moving and if you have a friend or family member that can start an exercise program with you it will help you to keep on track.

Drink Enough
Drinking lots of water is also important in changing your diet and losing weight. By drinking at least the recommended eight glasses of water every day then that will help to reduce hunger.

So if you are looking at all these fad diets that are around and considering trying one just remember that these diets are not miracle weight loss diets. What you need is a full lifestyle change so that you have better eating habits, regular exercise and lots of water and you will lose weight and you will keep it off as long as you keep your new habits. You WILL feel much better for it!

Are You In The Fat Burning Zone

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Body Fats Myths That You Wish Someone Told You

There are many body fats myths out there that do not withstand the scrutiny of scientific research. Let me share with you some of these common body fats myths and hopefully we are able to put them to rest forever.

Body Fats Myth #1- Doing lots of cardio exercises is the best way to lose body fats

The truth is that cardio exercises can help to reduce body fats but too much of it can actually destroy your muscle tissues resulting in slower metabolic rate. As such, you should avoid excessive cardio exercises if you do not want to end up with less muscles to help the fat burning process. It is strongly recommended that you should always incorporate proper strength training exercises in your exercise routine.

Body Fats Myth #2- Muscles are heavier than fats

One pound of muscles weigh the same as one pound of fats. However, it is not the weight here that matters but the size. One pound of muscle is compact like a rubber ball but one pound of fat is like a bowl of gooey corn starch. I am quite sure I can guess which one you would choose to be in your body.

Body Fats Myth #3- Work out those body parts that you want to slim down on

Physiologically speaking, it is impossible to target specific areas. When you exercise, your body will decide which body part to reduce. To get rid of your stubborn flabby areas, you need to engaged in proper resistance exercises and proper nutrition. One hint for you though is that it has been found the first place you put on weight is usually the last place you will lose.

Body Fats Myth #4- A thin person has no fats and needs no exercise

Nothing could be further from the truth. A thin person can have high fat percentage. Doctors believe that the invisible fat that surrounds vital organs could be as dangerous as the visible fat that bulges on your skin. The key lies in getting rid of hidden fats and you can only do that through regular exercises and well balanced meals.

As you can see, many urban legends about fat loss are not true. If you are keen to know more about fat loss secrets, visit http://www.fatburnworks.com for the latest updates.