Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Do You Want To Lose Weight?

There are many different reasons to lose weight and in the end, the reason why you want to lose weight will be unique to you. There are social, health related and personal reasons.

Some are common amongst the majority of people well others are related solely to you. Your weight and self image is something you decide. Some people are confident and content at the weight they are at. Others struggle through life as a result of weight problems.

So what are some of the reasons people choose to lose weight.

Improve their self esteem
People of all sizes will have self esteem issues but a large part of self esteem is how you view yourself. If you look in the mirror each morning and are upset at what you see, the rest of your day won't go so well. Your self esteem plays a role in everything that you do.

Social acceptance
Our society is very socially based and a large portion of that unfortunately, comes into conflict with appearance. It has become more acceptable to be larger with the recent epidemic of obesity but it is still not highly socially acceptable to be an overweight person. Look at media to see this. How many overweight models are in regular magazines, few and far between. We have as a society moved more towards healthier weight images but the issue still exists.

A healthier you
Your own personal health and well being should take a part of you deciding to lose weight. If your health is at risk everyday because of how much you weigh and the toll it is taking on your body you need to do something about it.

Your overall happiness factor
This is not to say that overweight people are unhappy, it is just a general trend. Due to the related health issues, self esteem issues and the lack of social acceptance, each day may feel very dismal and unhappy.

Deciding to lose weight is a big step
Just deciding that it is time to change the way you look and the way you live can change your whole perspective on life. You can come to realize you don't have to be that way forever and you have control and the ability to lose weight and become the person you envision.

While the reasons will vary from person to person there is no doubt that there are plenty of reasons why you should lose weight and in the end, the decision is yours and the reasons as well.

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