Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fad Diets Don't Work

Some fad diets emphasizes on the specific food to eat, like the lemonade diet or the 3 day tuna diet. Others place emphasis on the foods not to eat and some even suggest not eating at all.

Fad diets are just that fad diets but do you know why they are harmful?

Weight loss is not actually all that hard to do but a lot of fad diets place emphasis on things to avoid, foods to eat or not eat. As a result, poor and unhealthy habits are promoted. Our bodies need a well balanced diet to effectively work and this includes working to lose weight.

A diet only needs to take into consideration two things, the calories you take in daily and the calories you use daily. The calories you use each day must be higher than the calories you take in each day so that your body begins to use the energy from the fat stores to continue to function.

That is another problem of fad diets. They try to completely lose the weight quickly without requiring exercise. No matter what diet you will require exercise to make it work. Unless you are active in some form or another, your body will not be burning those needed calories. No one can expect to burn more calories than we take in unless you stop eating.

A proper diet that includes all essential nutrients and vitamins will help you to lose weight fast. Exercise in any form is important. Anything that gets you active and your body moving will help you to burn any excess calories you take in during the day. The key is to burn more than you take in so as long as you are eating healthy and being active weight loss will occur.

Another important factor is to drink lots of water. Water helps our bodies cleanse themselves of toxins and all the stuff we don't want in them. As we burn fat, our body release toxins. Water helps to flush these toxins from us. Food and activity are both key to burning weight and losing it permanently.

Most fad diets are harmful to your health for the above reasons. Not only that, you will probably gain back the weight you lost very quickly. Most of these diets don't work simply because they burnt nothing except water. As such, they don't work. Period. Stick to proper diet and healthy levels of exercise and the weight loss will happen without much change to your daily habit. For more ideas on proper weight loss, visit http://www.fatburnworks.com/weightloss/

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