Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Flat Abs Fast

With summer fast approaching and the swim suit season upon us it is not surprising that so many have begun to seek ways to get flat abs fast. After all, they have spent all winter losing shape, hidden behind their clothes and are now seeking ways to lose the stomach fat with stomach flattening exercises.

A common question is whether or not there are 100 abdominal exercises to help you get flat abs fast?

I don't know what it is but people seem to see there being a magical number of exercises and quick ways to lose weight and tummy flab, but there is no secret number, there is no secret exercise. So let's begin looking at some common free exercises to flatten stomaches and other factors that may be affecting your midsection.

Leg lifts
This is an equipment free exercise to flatten stomaches. What you do is lay on your back with your hands up behind your head. Using your ab muscles and only your ab muscles, slowly pull your legs up to about 45-60 degree angle. (This is about half way between the floor and straight up.)

Hold them in place for 5-10 seconds if you can. Then slowly lower your legs without allowing them to touch the floor. Repeat this process 10 times, take a rest and then repeat till you have done about 3-4 reps.

Boost Metabolic Rate
Another key factor to getting those abs fast is to get rid of the fatty layer covering them. To do this you also need to focus on weight loss and boosting your metabolism. This can be achieved by drinking cold water regularly throughout the day or altering your diet to include metabolism boosting foods.

Back Muscles
You should also make sure you focus on your back muscles as well. These muscles help your body maintain better posture and a better posture will help your mid section appear flatter. When we slouch and lean over all day, our posture quickly goes to crap and can give us the appearance of a stomach bulge when in fact we don't have one.

If you speak to your doctor they may be able to give you some tips on improving your posture or try to ensure you visit the chiropractor regularly. When your body is properly aligned you may look a lot thinner right away.

It doesn't take 100 abdominal exercises to get flat abs fast but it does take realizing that there is no quick solution and that it is actually combined factors that determine in the end your flat stomach. With proper diet and exercise you can have yourself ready for swimsuit season in no time. Go to for more weight loss tips.

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