Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Do Most Diets Fail?

Have you ever been on a diet? If you have, do they help you achieve what you want?

With so many different diets out there, it is easy to be spoilt for choice. Unfortunately not all of them work and many of them fail to bring about the desired results.

Treating Symptoms
The biggest reason that many diets fail is that diets are really just treating they symptom rather than treating the problem. The problem is that you are not providing your body with what it needs to maintain a good weight and as a result the symptom is weight gain.

Merely Temporary
Because most diets help you to lose weight it is usually only a temporary loss. It doesn’t deal with the actual problem of not having healthy eating habits to maintain a good weight. Often when a person goes on a diet to lose weight they will stick with it for a while but as time goes on they will ‘give in’ just once or twice and before they know it they have gone right back to their previous bad eating habits.

Was It Stressful?
It can be quite stressful sticking to a diet that is not what your body is use to. You are constantly feeling hungry and thinking about food which can be really hard to deal with for a long period of time. The majority of people will usually give in to that hunger and start eating those bad foods again before their body has time to adjust to its new eating routine.

The problem that when your body has been eating bad foods for a long time then when you stop eating those foods your body will crave for them. It is like anything that you stop after a long time you will have some withdrawals.

Break The Habit
To really lose weight and keep it off you do need to break that bad eating habit and completely change your diet and although it will be hard it needs to be approached with a positive outlook and support from your family and friends.

Start Your Exercises
To lose weight and keep it off you need to introduce healthy and nutritious food into your diet and you also need to introduce exercise into your diet. A 20 minute walk each day is enough to get you started and get you moving and if you have a friend or family member that can start an exercise program with you it will help you to keep on track.

Drink Enough
Drinking lots of water is also important in changing your diet and losing weight. By drinking at least the recommended eight glasses of water every day then that will help to reduce hunger.

So if you are looking at all these fad diets that are around and considering trying one just remember that these diets are not miracle weight loss diets. What you need is a full lifestyle change so that you have better eating habits, regular exercise and lots of water and you will lose weight and you will keep it off as long as you keep your new habits. You WILL feel much better for it!

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