Sunday, June 1, 2008

Body Fats Myths That You Wish Someone Told You

There are many body fats myths out there that do not withstand the scrutiny of scientific research. Let me share with you some of these common body fats myths and hopefully we are able to put them to rest forever.

Body Fats Myth #1- Doing lots of cardio exercises is the best way to lose body fats

The truth is that cardio exercises can help to reduce body fats but too much of it can actually destroy your muscle tissues resulting in slower metabolic rate. As such, you should avoid excessive cardio exercises if you do not want to end up with less muscles to help the fat burning process. It is strongly recommended that you should always incorporate proper strength training exercises in your exercise routine.

Body Fats Myth #2- Muscles are heavier than fats

One pound of muscles weigh the same as one pound of fats. However, it is not the weight here that matters but the size. One pound of muscle is compact like a rubber ball but one pound of fat is like a bowl of gooey corn starch. I am quite sure I can guess which one you would choose to be in your body.

Body Fats Myth #3- Work out those body parts that you want to slim down on

Physiologically speaking, it is impossible to target specific areas. When you exercise, your body will decide which body part to reduce. To get rid of your stubborn flabby areas, you need to engaged in proper resistance exercises and proper nutrition. One hint for you though is that it has been found the first place you put on weight is usually the last place you will lose.

Body Fats Myth #4- A thin person has no fats and needs no exercise

Nothing could be further from the truth. A thin person can have high fat percentage. Doctors believe that the invisible fat that surrounds vital organs could be as dangerous as the visible fat that bulges on your skin. The key lies in getting rid of hidden fats and you can only do that through regular exercises and well balanced meals.

As you can see, many urban legends about fat loss are not true. If you are keen to know more about fat loss secrets, visit for the latest updates.

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