Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simple Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss doesn't have to be difficult and complicated. Did you know that there are actually some foods to eat to lose weight? There are foods that if you eat will help you to burn calories and drop pounds, without any magic diet pills or magic weight loss exercises.

Diet is essentially in any weight loss plan so here are some great “diet” tips to help lose that weight and still feel great.

Fruit of course is a great addition to any meal. It makes a great low calorie tummy filler. Things like grapes can help to fill you up, provide you with plenty of fluid and give you few calories. Even watermelon is a great addition because even though it can be pretty filling it is mostly water and this helps to flush your body of toxins well filling you up so you don't continue to snack down. Bananas are another great choice, a single banana can fill you up when the mood to snack strikes but will give you very few calories in return.

Negative-calorie foods are another great food. They still fill you up but they require more calories to actually eat and digest them then you get from the food. A good example of this is plain air popped popcorn.

A great treat that requires a lot of work on the part of your body to digest. So you can now snack and lose weight doing it. Pretty much any form of corn fits this category if you skip all the butter and other additives that can actually make it a very unhealthy treat.

High fibre foods are a needed part of your diet. High fibre foods are great at filling us up and making our systems run more regularly but they are also very low in calories and can therefore help reduce our daily calorie intake. After all, weight loss is dependant on losing more calories in a day then you take in, without crash diets and starvation diets.

There are foods to eat to lose weight and they can be very satisfying foods indeed. A diet doesn't have to be a scary thing. A diet can simply be a change in eating habits to a more healthy weight loss directed form.
With proper diet and exercise any amount of weight loss goal you have is very achievable and if you make the diet one you can stick with and one that is not overly restrictive and unreasonable you will be that much more likely to stick with it and lose the weight fast.

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